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Weatherization Assistance Program

Salt Lake CAP provides weatherization services in Salt Lake and Tooele Counties in the State of Utah. The purpose of the program is to make improvements to homes that make the home more energy efficient. Improvements consist of all forms of insulation including wall, floor, perimeter, and attic. Furnaces work including replacing existing low efficiency furnaces or cleaning and tuning higher efficiency furnaces. Air sealing which includes weatherstripping doors, adding door sweeps, and caulking areas where conditioned air can leave the home. In addition, broken windows are repaired, or if the situation warrants, replaced. Ill fitting doors that cannot be repaired are sometimes replaced. Compact fluorescent lights are installed and refrigerators can be replaced if our testing show the replacement to be cost-effective.

All improvements made must be determined to be cost effective by NEAT, which is a computerized energy audit performed on each individual dwelling. All work on the homes is completed by SLCAP staff members.

Completed homes save an average of $300 per year in home energy costs.

To be eligible for the Weatherization program the applicants total household income must be at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level. Persons qualifying for Utah State HEAT program are automatically eligible for this program. Weatherization can be performed on any home, this includes apartments, mobile homes, multiplexes and private homes. Both homeowners and renters are eligible. Travel trailers, converted buses, and motor homes would generally be ineligible.

The benefits of the program extend beyond the savings to the customer. Negative impacts on the environment are reduced, natural resources are conserved, and Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.

There is no cost to the qualified applicant. Landlords are required to share in the cost of furnace, door and window replacements.

In the last 12 month SLCAP has weatherized 717 homes, improvements made to these homes include:
460 high efficiency furnaces were installed:
299 attics, 129 walls and 253 basements and crawl spaces were insulated:
13,006 compact florescent lights were installed:
319 inefficient refrigerators were replaced:
942 smoke detectors were installed:
968 CO detectors were installed:
As a result in the past year low-income people saved $240,000 in home energy costs.

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