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Neighborhood forums have identified housing as the #1 poverty issue in the Salt Lake and Tooele County areas. Several areas of need have been identified, and the CAP Board's Housing committee has set future goals to meet the housing needs of low-income residents. Addressing that issue is the full-time responsibility of CAP's Housing Director, Sharon Abegglen, who supervises the following housing programs:

Housing Outreach Rental Program (HORP)

In 2009-20010, approximately 1,500 low-income families living in Salt Lake County were assisted in finding safe, affordable housing. HORP maintains a list of 2,000 low to moderate priced rental units in the Salt Lake County area. Support services and/or one-time partial payment for rent or mortgage is provided, when available, to avoid immediate eviction. Homeless relocation assistance is provided in the absence of other resources or assistance.
HORP clients have a wide variety of housing needs, ranging from families needing temporary assistance with late rent, to families sleeping in cars in the winter because they cannot afford rent. The need is always critical, and is becoming more desperate as housing is harder to find, prices increase, and landlords require lengthy applications and references before renting.

Funding for this program comes from:
* Community Service Block Grants (CSBG)
* Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG)
* Emergency Food and Shelter Grant (EFSG)
* Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) from Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Murray City

Emergency Assistance Program

These funds are provided to families in crisis when the family can demonstrate that a default or arrears (mortgage/rental) was caused by circumstances beyond the family's control, which significantly affected the family's ability to pay. This circumstance must have made them unable to resolve the delinquency within a reasonable time, or unable to make a full payment.

Tenant Home Maintenance Project

This program provides counseling assistance to low-income families who are at risk of eviction because they lack basic home-maintenance skills, such as cleaning and upkeep of the housing unit. Counselors work one-to-one with clients until the problem is solved. At no cost to the property owner or tenant, the counselor will spend at least two one-hour sessions discussing:
* Budgeting and money management
* Housing consumer education and training
* Tenant rights and responsibilities
Counselors also connect clients with other CAP services such as Head Start, HUD counseling, parenting skills classes, food banks, among others. Any low-income tenant in Salt Lake City, South Salt Lake, or Murray City who has been consistently late on rent, has credit problems, or is not taking proper care of the rental unit is eligible for this program.
Utah Renters Handbook

"Home" Tenant Based Rental (TBRA)

The Tenant Based Rental Assistance subsidy is provided to special needs persons and their families living in Salt County who are mentally ill and/or physically disabled, who are waiting to be approvedfor a disability income program or subsidized housing, and are in need
of supportive housing services to stabilize the household. The amount of assistance that SLCAP may pay to, or on behalf of, the family may not exceed the difference between a rent standard for the established unit size and 30 percent of the family's monthly adjusted income.

"HOME" Case Management/Housing Supportive Services for
Salt Lake County "Home" Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program

The program provides a counseling component and housing supportive services to work with the Salt Lake County "HOME" Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program. The case management counseling component provides budget/money management, and other training. The housing supportive services includes tenant rights and responsibilities training, tenant maintenance, tenant support and referrals to other community resources which increases the special needs family's ability to maintain permanent housing longer.

Landlord/Tenant Mediation

This program provides landlord/tenant intervention and mediation to prevent eviction. Staff assures that volunteer mediators are available to provide free mediation services for interested landlords and tenants. Staff may also provide referrals to Utah Tenant's United and the Apartment Association of Utah. This is a collaborative effort with the Administrative Office of the Courts.

HOPWA Short-Term Housing Assistance

Provide short-term rent/mortgage assistance, emergency utility payments, access to longer term HOPWA housing voucher subsidies, and suitable affordable housing listings for client placement. The program strongly encourages its participants to seek and follow through with HIV related medical care and treatment.

Homeless Prevention Project for The Housing Authority of Salt Lake County

The Salt Lake Community Action Program and The Road Home provide homeless prevention case management and housing supportive services to participants on Public Housing, Senior Housing, Section 8 Housing with The Housing Authority of Salt Lake County. The County Housing Authority staff refer tenants that are at-risk of losing their subsidized housing to the homeless prevention case managers to help resolve the housing issues and stabilize the households

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